Ayurvedic Treatments

ayurvedic treatments

Ayurveda is derived from Ayu mean life and Veda means science of knowledge. It believes health is the highest wealth. These are the factors depends on a healthy life like Righteous life – Dharma, Wealth – Artha, Fulfillment of desires – kama and Attainment of salvation - Moksha.

Ayurveda Facial :

Gentle treatment employs 100 percent clean aromatherapy oils infused into the skin via mild massage and warm compresses. The massage, using acupressure and rubbing techniques, covers the upper body. A refreshing facial mask follows.

Shira Darah :

Massage followed by Ayurvedic oil flow treatment, in which a calm flow of warm oil is seeped onto the third eye on the forehead, calming and relaxing. Followed by scalp massage and shampoo.