Waxing is one of the methods for hair removal, which helps to remove the hair completely from the root. Once waxing is done in a particular area, the new hairs do not grow back in that particular area for about 2 to 8 weeks. Waxing could be carried out in any area of the body. It is not a permanent method to remove hair, it is a semi-permanent method. But when it is carried out frequently for many numbers of years, it is possible to achieve permanent hair reduction.


Procedure Of Waxing

A thin layer of wax is applied over the skin. After applying it, a thin cloth is pressed over the area, where wax is applied, and it is taken away quickly in the direction opposite to the hair growth. The cloth removes the wax, hair and also the dead cells. The new hair which grows from the waxed area will be soft and fine.

Sometimes hard wax is also used for waxing; here a thick layer of wax is applied over the skin. On cooling, the wax becomes hardened, allowing the therapist to remove it easily without the help of cloth. This method seems to be beneficial to the sensitive skinned people.

Eyebrows, legs, underarms, back, foot and chest are the places where waxing is done. The areas which should not be waxed are inside of the ears, nose, eyelashes, eyelids, palms and soles of the feet, and if waxing is done against the precaution, these areas will be severely damaged. By comparing with other hair removal methods, waxing does not make any cuts, pigmentation or does not give out any bad smell. No harmful chemicals are present in wax.

Benefits Of Waxing

1. Skin remains smooth and silky: Hairs are removed from the roots by waxing, so the new hair may take some time to grow again. Anyway, the growth of hair differs from person to person. All these information conveys that waxing gives a smooth and silky skin.

2. Reduction in skin damage: The wax which is used for the process is completely natural, so it does not bring any negative effects on skin.

3. Exfoliation: Waxing removes hair and also rejuvenates the skin. In this way, it fulfills the function of skin (exfoliation) indirectly.

4. Reduction in hair growth: When waxing is done frequently, the growth of hair reduces and after sometime it can even lead to cessation of hair growth.

5. Could be done at home: Waxing is easy and simple, so it shall be done at home without any difficulty and this method is also cost effective.

Drawbacks Of Waxing

1. It pains a lot when the strip or the cloth is taken off from the skin.

2. After waxing, some skin becomes swollen and reddish, which should go away in a few hours.

3. Even though, some say waxing is a semi-permanent method, removal of hair is not permanent.

4. When the strip is quickly removed in the direction opposite to the hair growth, it might disturb hair follicles, making the hair to grow in varying directions.

PRECAUTIONS: The following are the precautions that should be taken into consideration before waxing.

1. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided before 24 hours of waxing and after 48 hours of waxing.

2. After doing waxing, for the next 24 hours it is better to avoid wearing tight clothes and hot baths. Some may get skin irritation after waxing, but it get reduced within 24 hours.

3. Some Doctors used to advise that the persons who have diabetes and varicose veins should not do waxing, because they are more sensitive to infection.

4. Waxing should not be done over chapped skin, skin affected by warts, pimples, moles and rashes.