Body Treatments

Clay Body Mask :

Gentle body scrub followed by detoxification with the mineral-rich Sedona clay and a time spend wrapped carefully in a thermal blanket while the clay purifies and cleanses. Moisturizing treatment follows.

Thalasso Slimming :

A seaweed mask wraps the skin in the minerals, trace elements and vitamins, promoting cleansing and also elimination of excess fluids from your skin. Plant and marine extracts are used to hydrate your skin and solid frail tissues of the bust area.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub :

A massage with the mixture of water, salt crystals and essential oils in order to remove impurities and leave body and skin restored.

Tropical Body Polish :

Traditional Japanese treatment start with a footbath and then ends with polish with an herb blend from the Spice Islands. A cooling yogurt splatter and refreshing shower follow.

Javanese Lulur :z

Deliciously aromatic healing with a blend of powdered spices in order to soften, exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Balinese Boreh :

javanese lulurTraditional Balinese specialty scrub made from original ingredients including such tepid spices as cloves, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and galangal. It is excellent for helping fever, headache, muscle ache, arthritis pain and also for improving blood circulation. While the wrap is at work, a head and neck massage is then given.

Also Available :

Mud body masks, seaweed or sea masks, scrubs employing coconut or coffee, antioxidant green tea wraps, herbal wraps, masks intended to soothe sunburned skin, self-tanning treatments, paraffin cure for hands and feet, hair wraps of various kinds.

Body Treatments

Detoxifying :

This full body detoxifying treatment smoothes and even refines rough skin. Mineral rich crystal salts, optimizing algae take out gel, deep cleaning body mask, hydrating body lotion.


Remineralizing :

This mineral body mud wrap stimulates metabolism and rematerializes the body. This treatment provides overall relaxation, distresses and increases vitality.

Buff & Glow (Mineral Salt Exfoliation) :

Remove dead skin cells, purify skin, giving a smoother skin feel, increasing vitality this treatment buffs and also glows you to beautiful healthy skin.

Sun Glow :

Exfoliation followed by the function of a self tanning lotion, you would walk away with a beautiful sunny glow.

Aromatherapy Body Wrap :

Utilizing essential oils derived from nature, this aromatic cure plus massage is very relaxing, rejuvenating and distressing. Ultimate relaxation from head to your toe!

Body Treatments - Customized to Your Needs

Salt Glo, 30 Minutes :

A full body, skin-shining treatment, which uses mineral rich sea salts infused with essential oils and skin-smoothing oils, which leave the skin refined, nourished, and smooth.

Herbal Body Wrap, 60 Minutes :

A warm botanical body wraps using a mixture of chamomile and lavender to relax and soothe the body. Includes an exfoliation of the skin, and short, invigorating body massage.

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap, 60 Minutes :

This relaxing body enfold includes a unique blend of seaweed, botanicals, plant extracts, mineral clay, and with essential oils to provide a nutritious and detoxifying treatment: Includes a wash, exfoliation, brief/calming body massage, followed by a warm, lag treatment wrap.

Back Purifying Treatment, 60 Minutes :

This treatment promotes respite and relaxation for a tired back. After a thorough back massage, the wrap is useful to the back and allowed to go in into tired, sore muscles; it is particularly beneficial for chronic back discomfort.