2-3 generations ago, physical professions kept you in shape. Nowadays sluggish lifestyles are common: desk jobs, watching tv, driving car all day. Here's what strength training be able to do for you:

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Builds Muscle:

Strength training builds more muscle: the stronger you are, the more muscles you will have. Strength training is not bodybuilding however: building muscle is a offshoot of exercising, not its goal.

Burns Fat:

Strength training burn calories keeps your metabolic rate high under strict dieting and tends to make you fix to your diet better.

Increases Health:

Strength training increases stamina, bone density & testosterone levels. Strength training strengthens your joints, lowers your cholesterol & improves your sleep. You'll notice nutrition is essential to get results in strength training. All guided to a healthier body and lifestyle.

Forges Character:

Strength training teaches persistence, sacrifice, self-control & builds self-confidence. You'll acquire of strength training what you put into it.


You have special methods available to build strength. They are:

1) Weight Lifting:

Barbells are the simplest method to build strength. The extra weight on the bar, the stronger you get. Examples of strength increasing exercises are the Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, and Barbell Row & Dead lift. Force you to use your own body-weight as conflict.

2) Body-Weight Exercises:

Can be hard at first time, if you lack of sufficient strength. Examples of body-weight exercises: Chin-ups, Dips, Pistols & Push-ups.

3) Machines:

Machines proportions the weight for you. This makes them easier than free weights or body-weight exercises. Machines also force your body into a fixed faction pattern. Position yourself wrong using a lot of weight & you face risk injuries.