Mineral water is highly beneficial for both external and internal use of the people. The therapeutic property of mineral water is due to the sols, carbon di-oxide, sulphurated hydrogen, nitrogen and some quickly putrid radio nucleotides (e.g. radon) present in such waters.

Other factors of importance: Thermal factor are authentic mineral waters near the spring are usually warm and the mechanical factor are the massaging effect of the bubbles.

Balneotherapy basically means “treatment through bathing”. It makes use of natural or artificial prepared mineral waters for treatment of different illness, includes cosmetological and restorative purposes.

Balneotherapy includes:

  • External use of mineral waters are bathing or taking showers.
  • Internal use of mineral waters for endocavitary actions such as gastric, enteral, vaginal washings and lavage.
  • Drinking mineral water which has medicinal properties.
  • Mineral water balneum is an effective way to increase the phylactic (either defending or protecting) powers of our organism
  • Cosmetologists show increased interest towards balneological treatment.

Balneological treatment is taken during the following cases:

balneotherapy spa

Diseases of cardiovascular system, digestive tract, central nervous system or peripheral nervous system are metabolic diseases, urological and endocrine diseases, gynecological diseases, diseases of locomotive apparatus, and rehabilitation after surgeries, infectious disease, during pregnancy oncological diseases, for paroxysmal dyspnea and disturbances of heart beat.


Balneological treatment is accepted out under the care of a doctor and in specially equipped establishments placed in the maximum proximity to the source of mineral water. This process may be sometimes combined with mud therapy and diet therapy. The patient get into the pool of prepared water, relaxes and takes a balneum for a particular amount of time. Generally the balneum is taken for 10-14 times during the treatment. In the middle of the treatment, patients often start feeling deterioration of their health to a certain extent which is called “Pathological Balneotherapy reactions”. The body temperature goes up and the blood values get changed, there may be fluctuations in blood pressure, etc. But within two to three days all unpleasant effects will disappear without any external assistance.

Different sorts of balneae are available, but everything depends on the specific purposes of treatment. The one factor which should be taken into concern is: the impact of balneae upon the human beings is so effective that it can cause serious health problems if the prescription might go wrong, so be careful while selecting the variety of balneae.

The most general sorts of balneae are gaseous balneae, which includes carbon dioxide, sulphurated hydrogen, and nitrogen and sol balneae (with chloride-sodium and iodide- bromine), and radioactive balneae (radon balneae).

Where to choose this balneotherapeutic treatment?

Balneotherapeutic treatment has its own extensive experience and shaped traditions. It is better to choose a health resort, situated near the springs of mineral water, and having an extended history of its usage. Such resorts are usually in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, France and Switzerland.

Balneological resorts, even though some hydrotherapeutic procedures, also offer a wide range of special health-improvement programs, massages, different sorts of gymnastics, right way of nutrition, Ayurveda.