Bacara Stretch :yoga

The Bacara Stretch is a 30 minute stretch class, which hits almost all the muscle groups. You would feel great and your body would also be energized and ready for any of the other activities.

Yoga 1 :

Yoga basic is your first step into Yoga practice, flexibility, balance, strength and other relaxation through various poses and techniques. You would learn how Yoga could be a help to escape from the stresses of daily life. You would learn proper method for the poses and breathing methods. This is a great way to establish your foundation with Yoga.

Yoga 11 :

This Yoga class would increase strength, stamina, and with flexibility by learning more advanced poses and postures.

Bacara Triathlon :

Not for the pale of heart. Swim, bike and run through your way to fitness. Each event is about 15 minutes in length that is starting with the swim at the Spa Pool.