Beach Side Yoga :

Take a brief mounting walk to a gorgeous beach-side lookout! While on our beautiful trail near a magnificent eucalyptus tree you would learn flexibility, stability, strength and also relaxation through various poses and good techniques. Learn how yoga could actually help you get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Chi Gong :

With simple slow movement, Chi Gong exercise coordinates with breathing posture and improves mental clarity as optimal neuromuscular movement patterns are traced and even clarified. By quietly flowing in accord with our more natural pathways of movement, Chi Gong strengthens the pour of energy all over while releasing preventive patterns actually developed over our individual histories.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® :

It is an educational system, which develops a functional awareness of the self in the environment. This method is normally utilizes the fact that the body is the primary vehicle for learning. This is a real approach of working to expand your repertoire of movements, improves awareness and improves function and expression. It looks to systematize the whole self and helps recovering excluded and unconsidered movement patterns or actions.

Introduction To Meditation :

Exciting Spa’s introduction to meditation would help you reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and also improve concentration, clarity and creativity. Meditation helps to calms the fluctuations of the mind. Whether your goal is enlightenment, revelation, relaxation, clarity or could be low blood pressure, the process of mediation puts you are in touch with something good and quietly profound.

Outdoor Tai Chi :

In this class, you would really enjoy an easy introduction to the basic principles and techniques of Tai Chi Chuan. You would learn a system of smooth gentle movements, which would allow you to feel and direct Chi (life force energy) throughout your body to increase energy, coordination and get peace of mind.

Partner's Yoga :

Yoga for two, practice yoga stances designed to stretch your muscles, build, and bring flexibility using the weight and support of your partner.

Pilates :

Pilates is a fusion of western and eastern philosophies, which teach you about breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, co-ordination, positioning of the body, spatial awareness, and strength with flexibility. For full advantage of the technique, you'll learn to flow from one movement to the next building up good stamina and cardiovascular fitness, with the basic principles of the Pilates exercise repertoire of muscle expansion and abdominal strengthening.

Rest And Relaxation(Stress Reduction):

It Include a short discussion, a guided body scan, escorted by soothing music and imagery. A simple candle meditation could be included, by request.

Restorative Yoga :

A deeply relaxing class exploits restorative Asanas that are supported poses that hearten states of deep relaxation and meditative calm. Excellent for relieving stress and for anxiety.

Meditation for Beginners