Running is one of the most useful ways to improve your general mental and physical health, tone your muscles, and lose weight. You can do it for free and get dramatic results in a partial period of time.

Cardio training

Getting Started:

Try going out for 25 minutes three or four times a week. If you find yourself getting tired and wheezing right away, don't be discouraged. You will find that your stamina get better in a very short time if you stick at it. We would advise speed-walking as a starting point, combined with short periods of running. Try alternating speed walking with a moderate paced jog the first few times you go out. You may also notice that your lung capacity is improving and your mood is generally raised within your first few sessions.


When starting to build your foundation, you aren't racing anyone but yourself. Keep a gentle, steady pace and you will find that you can go much advance and increase your stamina over time. A great tip is to take your Mp3 player with some music that is the right pace for you. DJ mixes are great for this reason as the beats per minute usually remain constant for the entire mix.

Breathing and Technique:

Try to breathe in for four paces and out for four to help your rhythm. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and swing your arms to push the elimination of toxins through your lymphatic system. Avoid letting your feet slap flat onto the floor as you run, as this may injure your knees. The heel should hit the ground first then you can move to the balls of your feet naturally. Investing in a good pair of shoes is a valuable investment.

Other Benefits:

Once you have mastered the basics of running, you will begin to find that there is much additional to gain from running than losing weight and toning up. Your immune system will benefit, your energy levels will be raised, your blood pressure will be lowered, and you will benefit from the endorphins produced while exercising for obviously improved mood. Aside from this, you can now run for a cause and set yourself achievable and satisfying goals. Good luck!