Wellness spas

Wellness spas is otherwise known as holistic spas, wellness spas take a holistic approach to your total health and well-being. Providing personal consultations, they offer body and facial treatments, complementary therapies, and diet and exercise advise, all tailored to your individual needs. Found in towns and in the country, a health spa will often suggest a course of treatments, or longer-term changes in your lifestyle. This type of spa is well established in countries across Europe, and is also increasingly popular in Australasia.

A good example of a wellness day spa in the UK is One Spa at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh, which has its own wellness clinic.

Some health spas are dedicated healthy-lifestyle emporiums set in stunning countryside or mountain areas, without telephones, TVs or other things that can distract you from your focus on wellbeing.

To get the most out of your stay, be honest about your lifestyle, and your priorities for your visit. The more you tell them, the more appropriate the advice will be.