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The joint effect of the sun, iodine and salt water together could be most beneficial for one's health and well-being - this has been understood for centuries, and is the support of modern thalassotherapy.thalassotherapy spa

Thelassotherapy includes a wide variety of all usual treatments, which share the same source, the ocean and the coastal environment. There are treatments, which provide relaxation and fight stress, others than combat the physical signs of aging, and are still others that lessen the look of cellulite and assist regenerate the body. The sea with its never-ending secrets is an actual source of all thalassotherapy's knowledge.

It is a famous pastime to visit the beach and absorb oneself in the beauty that the ocean eminates. Think of how relaxed you would feel after a beach holiday, walking on the shore and also having the water touch, hearing the rhythm of the waves etc. The stress of everyday life melts away and also your whole self benefits. The beautiful sea has healing powers for us. Hence imagine how you would feel after a treatment based on the same active ingredient-the ocean!

The key treatments that create thalassotherapy depend on the effect of sea water on the skin. The pores of the skin, in contact with seawater, enlarge and also allow the passage of valuable oligoelements, which are slowly, freed in the blood system-correcting in any imbalances. Various types of seaweed, with their well-known antibiotic, bacterial static and even antiviral power does the rest.

Some of the illnesses that Thelassotherapy is supposed to help are: circulatory diseases (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc.), respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, etc.), post-shocking disorders (muscle atrophy, etc.), skin evils (scabies, atopic dermatitis, etc.), and chronic irritation (rheumatic arthritis, etc). Furthermore ongoing study also found other areas where Thalassotherapy has was shown helpful; to increase the activity and efficiency of your immune system, to recover a low receptiveness of hypothalamic-adrenal endocrine system, to get better sleep quality; and to fight localized irritation and impatient sensations.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, was the first person to discover the therapeutic virtues of seawater by way of observing the beneficial effects it had on the injured hands of a fisherman. Prompted by the fact that the contact with the seawater limited infection risks, his medical genius then made him to encourage his patients to follow treatments connecting the use of seawater even for any ache relief. It is by now known that thalassotherapy is an effectual cure system, which assists in the upgrading of the cells using fresh heated seawater that induces an exchange of minerals and toxins amid the blood and the water.

Already, a great number of comfy hotel units throughout Greece feature most modern thalassotherapy and spa centers, (Sanus per Aqua, health through water) with brilliant equipment and obedient personnel. They contain every day bathing in any heated seawater pool with jets and also with other facilities such as hydro-massages, aromatherapy or may be with algae wraps. Thalassotherapy is the always associated and simultaneous use of the beneficial effects of the seawater and its components, even as the sea algae impart many helpful effects out of the therapeutic virtues of seawater.

The treatment agendas at most hotels comprise a mixture of seawater, algae and mud, just to maximize the benefit that the human body could get from the marine environment. Thalassotherapy has many more helpful effects, including recreation, stress management, muscle and other skin restoration, even weight control. Most highly, it aims to advance health and it identifies with the concurrent implementation of a balanced and with healthy diet program.

According to the traditional definition, thalassotherapy is the concurrent use of all marine surroundings benefits (marine climate, sea water, seaweeds, mud &), with under medical supervision, with a defensive or curative purpose. Thalassotherapy centers should be located on the seashore.

Nowadays, thalassotherapy is a worldwide concept of seawater spa based on seawater treatments, massages and has beauty cure with marine cosmetic products. A thalassotherapy centre is a centre totally dedicated to health, well-being, beauty and slimness, all in the equal place. Initially used for its checkup benefits, thalassotherapy is now mostly wellness oriented.

A thalassotherapy centre offers a broad range of treatments and facilities. The treatments usually offered are:

Hydrotherapy Treatments :

They are sea water treatments like jet bath, circulatory shower, affusion shower, massage under affusion, underwater shower, many more. All treatments are made with animated and filtered but not treated seawater. Water temperature is amid 35° C and 37° C for an easy penetration of seawater elements into the body.

Algotherapy Treatments :

Use of seaweed hush-up for rematerializing treatments.

Beauty Treatments :

Facial and body treatments with maritime cosmetics (seaweeds are very rich in minerals and trace elements and are normally used in the work of very efficient cosmetic products), endermology, lymphatic draining.

Spa-thalassotherapy.html is an extensive variety of massages are offered.