Other Spa Types

fish spa

Fish Spas:

A newly emerged Fish spa is becoming popular in many hot spring resorts and most of the people now ready to take this treatment since it attracts lot.
Spas that offer fish spa use Garra Rufa a type of small tropical fish and it’s nicknamed as Nibble fish or Chinchin Yu fish or simply called as "Doctor Fish". These have the capacity to live and swim freely in hot waters up to 43 degree; they are naturally used for the treatment of skin diseases.
These fish can feed themselves on the dead cells of the human body, since they only consume such cells, leaving the healthy skin of the human body to grow. The whole process is reportedly free of pain. The fish spa treatment is used to reduce skin diseases, improves the blood circulation and gives a relief from tension.

dental spa

Dental Spas:

Dental spa provides the dental treatment along with the spa treatments under the supervision of a dental doctor.
"Spa dentistry" refers to dental practices that offer many services not normally associated with dental care: facials, paraffin wax hand treatment, reflexology, micro-dermabrasion, massage therapy, Botox and Restylane treatment, and many other pampering, therapeutic and rejuvenating offerings.

eco spa

Eco Spas:

The latest trend in the spa world is the Eco spa. This treatment provides a holistic way of spa services to clients by using green products which are made up from all natural resources without mixing it with chemical solutions. Eco Spa treatment also educates clients which natural products are good for them.

kids spa

Kids Spas:

Children’s are also going through a lot of stress these days, so it’snice for them to learn how to relax, slow down their world for a little bit and experience something that is unique.
Kid's spa is a place for the children to get their massage and therapies. Now a day parents prefer to bring up their children in a more healthy and want them to follow many dieting rules. So kid's spa has earned much of its importance. Not only offers massage and therapy treatment it also provides children with the proper dieting habit.

men spa

Men Spas:

These spas provide the modern man a place to ease away the stresses of of life. The services offering men spas are given below.

  • Showers
  • Facials
  • Body scrubs

Fusion spa

Fusion Spas:

The Fusion Spa is a unique idea that bridges traditional and modern medicine which offers massage and therapy treatments combined with the yoga postures.

casino spa

casino Spas:

Casino Spas offer vacationers a chance to try their hand at any number of exciting games of chance without leaving the premises. These high-end properties tend to attract fun-seeking travelers who like both their excitement and their spa luxury in large doses.