Destination Spa

A destination spa is a place whose main aim is to serve people to develop a healthy way of life.

Best Destination Spa should offer the following things:

Spa Destination

Fitness classes and stress reduction classes.
Good nutritious and balanced food.
Speech on healthy lifestyle habits.
Curative spa treatments that includes massage, baths and exercise.

You acquire a total benefit from Destination spas only when you stay at least two or three nights. A few individuals may even require a longer stay. Cost at destination spas may vary according to the programs, food and treatment you choose.

The Food at Destination Spas:

Destination spas provide healthy, nutritious food. A lot of care is taken in spa cuisine.

Coffee and tea are offered at few spas.

Food includes - Clean water, whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits, bright vegetables, protein sources, and beans.

Food also includes omega-3 source, condense saturated and trans-fats.

Only less amount of salt, sugar and sweeteners are included in food.

Always keep an eye on the following things when you are in a spa:

  • The therapist should be certified, polite, calm and cleanly dressed.
  • There should not be any delay in treatments.
  • Therapists should discuss about your problems and not their personal problems with you.
  • The therapist should be with you at all times (during massaging, facial, etc.,), enhancing the service and ensuring your safety.
  • No one should pressure you to buy things (beauty products) or even to under go treatments that you don’t like.
  • You should feel free to ask questions or to clear any doubts before, during and after your treatment.