Day Spa

What Is It :

A day centre entirely dedicated to search health, beauty and your wellbeing. This includes any day centre such as hair and other beauty salons, complimentary health centre and wellness clinics, offering at least any one hydrotherapy treatment.

Day spa

Atmosphere :

Varies between venues of whether it is a medical, health centre or any other beauty salon. Mostly white-walled atmosphere geared towards interrupt appointments, to a subterranean, diplomatic sanctuary geared towards pampering. This is a solitary skill where the only person you meet is your spa therapist.

Treatments :

Most day spas would offer a large range of pampering and cleaned treatments with massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and a wet room offering hydrotherapy treatments such as your body wraps and balneotherapy. Inch-loss and toning treatments are also very common.

Beauty salons sometimes offer even more specific anti-ageing treatments such as laser therapy and with face peels. Complimentary and wellbeing centers would also offer a range of holistic, alternative, naturopathic or complimentary therapies.

Why Go :

Wellbeing in the bite-size pieces. Perfect for those who don't have any time or funds to go on a good spa holiday but still desire to de-stress, spoil themselves, maintain a sense of happiness, look after their skin, treat minor ailments, lose a few inches or about get-away from the bundle and activity of normal life for an afternoon.

Why Not Go :

If you are looking for activities.

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