Cruise Spa

What Is It :

A cruise ship with a spa centre.

Cruise spa

Atmosphere :

We have a feel of a bit like staying at a hotel but more relaxed as everyone around you is on holiday - hence no suits in sight. And even though there is a busy timetable such as dinners, activities, games and entertainment, it is always a good getaway in terms of leaving telephones, computers, cars and crowds behind. Spas are modern and are well equipped, offering a good range of treatments. However, as the food and drink is unrestricted, your cruise may swing wildly between bouts of culinary over-indulgence followed by the recovery sessions at the spa.

Treatments :

The salon area of the spa would offer similar treatments to any regular day spa. There would also typically be a gym and fitness studio offering a range of classes plus a pool and saunas or steam room.

Why Go :

A great way of getting away from things and also finding a sense of wellbeing while being entertained and pampered.

If you feel attentive or claustrophobic on a ship. If you want to lose weight - as food is incorporated in the price of the holiday, bountiful and it is served buffet-style, it's hard not to over eat.