Club Spa

What Is It :

A fitness centre with spa facilities that could be any health club, gym or leisure time centre offering a spa area. Usually member's only.

Atmosphere :

The spa is generally a sanctuary far from the action of the fitness area offering very good environment similar to that of a regular day spa. However, as those around you are usual frequenters of the club, there is a chance to find friends and meet like-minded people.

Treatments :

On top of the fitness facilities offered by the health spa club, the salon area of the spa would offer alike treatments to a regular day spa. In addition, Club Spas are more probable to offer a swimming pool and a sauna or steam room.


Why Go :

Ideal for those who desire to add spa treatments to their daily health and fitness regime.

Why Not Go :

If you don't want to be leap to a monthly fee. If fitness isn't your thing.