Airport Spa

The new trend in the airports is that keeping the pasengers away from the stress by using spas in the airport itself while traveling. Fortunately, more airports are adding spas geared towards on-the-go travelers. No advance appointment needed!

What Services Do Airport Spas Provide?

Airport spa

Chair Massage : The chair massage is a most common service is a seated or chair massage. You sit fully clothed in a special chair that cradles you face while the massage therapist works on your back and shoulders.

And you can get a chair massage for as short as ten or 15 minutes. It is great for working out kinks before they turn into hard knots! Thes are sometimes available in small "kiosks" right by the gates.

Oxygen Therapy : In this type of treatment you will sit in a comfy chair with a two-pronged plastic tube up your nose, usually for 15 minutes, getting oxygen scented with essential oils that help you relax or boost your immune system.

Other popular services are manicures and pedicures. Facials are more unusual, but sometimes available. A few places offer full salon services -- cut, color even highlights.

Airport Spas In the U.S. and Canada

Newark Liberty International Airport d_parture spa offers chair massage, spa pedicures combines with massage, and cuts, color and manicures. d_parture spa has two Newark airport locations: Terminal C at Gate 92 and Terminal B across from the Duty Free shop. In addition, The Terminal B location offers oxygen therapy and has a private room for full-body massages and European facials. D-Parture Spa has another location in Orlando, Florida.

Also in Newark, The Massage Bar in Terminal A offers 15-minutes of seated massage for $21 or 30 minutes for $39. Ten minutes of foot refexology is $15. A second kiosk location is in Newark's A-3 connector. The Massage Bar also has two locations at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a location at Nashville International Airport; and a kiosk on Concourse B at Washington Dulles International Airport.

JFK International Airport has a new full-service branch of the New York-based Oasis Day Spa at JetBlue Airways Terminal 6. Treatments are tailored to travelers, with express options. It has chair massage as well as a 30-minute full-body table massage and facials. Manicures, waxing, and facials are also available.

Detroit International Airport -- This airport has an underground passage with a trippy light show and New Age music. If you need more, the OraOxygen Spa by Gate A45 gives oxygen treatments, as well as facials, manicures, pedicures,a and massages, including foot massages and a 90-minute hot-stone massage. You can even take showers. OraOxygen also has branches in Alberta's Calgary International Airport and in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport has two Destination Relaxations -- one is a chair-massage kiosk on Pier B and the other a full-service store on Pier D that offers table and chair massages, as well as foot and hand rubs.

Pittsburgh International Airport Polished offers foot, hand, back, neck and shoulder massages, manicures, pedicures, make-up applications and men's grooming services. It's located at the beginning of Concourse A, after security.

Boston's Logan Airport recently got its own branch of Polished, in Terminal C, just before the security checkpoint at Gates 25-36.

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport has the Backrub Hub, offering neck and back massages in Terminal 3 (by the American and Delta gates). Massages also are offered at the full-service health club at the O'Hare Hilton, accessible via pedestrian tunnels from the terminal.

Denver International Airport is served by two locations of A Massage Inc. You can get a haircut or massage (chair or table) at the location on Concourse B. The other is in the Main Terminal, on Level 6.

British Columbia's Vancouver International Airport has three locations of Absolute Spa. Services include massage, pedicures, manicures, facials, and oxygen treatments. Absolute is located before the security gates in the International Departures area; past security in the U.S. Departures area; and in the Fairmont Hotel in the International Terminal.